Thursday, December 13, 2012

This is Me: Teenage Years

Growing up, teenage years:

*What activities did you participate in?  (Sports, dancing, music, arts, etc.)  Explain what you did with each activity. 
I tried dancing, my sisters and my mom were all dancers, but I just didn't have the grace that they did ;) so it didn't ever last long.
I was always in choirs, from BYU Children's Choir to always being in choir in school.
I took piano lessons (8 years and I obviously didn't practice as much as I should have or I'd be a lot better!)
I loved art and often drew on my own when I wasn't in an art class in school. I loved writing poetry as well.
*EDIT* My brother Brian reminded me how much I actually liked sports as a teenager. I was never amazing at them, and didn't play on teams (due to my completely non-competitive nature ha), but I did love to play basketball, tennis, even attempted some street hockey, but basketball was my favorite. It makes me happy to see Thor playing Junior Jazz for his 4th or 5th year in a row now :)

*How did you learn how to drive?  What kind of car did you have?
My parents took me driving, I'm sure that was scary. I drove either our Blue Buick, which had the horn of a full speed train, or our tan Station Wagon. The latter was the favorite of my friends, mostly because (my dad won't like this part lol) it took bumps and dips so awesomely. My friends would take turns sitting in the back and fly every time we hit one! And it fit 3 friends in the front at once, good memories with that car!

*Who were your friends? 
In high school I had a lot of different friends. Many the same as in the last post, as well as Codilyn Kendell and Katie Manning. People called us the Three Muskateers, because we were ALWAYS together (but oh so much drama of course! hahaha)

*Did you have a girl/boy friend?  Talk about him/her (if your spouse is okay with it!).
I was SO shy in high school, I never had boyfriends until afterwards, when I learned to break out of my shell a little more.

*What did you like/dislike about school?
I'll be honest, I hated most everything about high school. I think part of that was because of my shyness, but I really didn't like school in general. My favorite classes depended on the year, but I did like English, and of course choir and art, and really loved my language classes (German and Spanish).

*What was your first paid job? 
I worked at Wirthlin Worldwide, doing phone surveys. I was pretty good at it, and didn't hate it :)

*What were your chores at home?
About the same as the last post, at this point I was usually the only kid at home so I did whatever I could around the house, between work and school. When I wasn't working I do remember getting an allowance for helping around the house, which I was very grateful for!


  1. I'm loving this thread. What gave you the idea to do it and where are you getting the questions from? I'm learning lots! I believe you need to add in there that you were the only sibling, besides me, to be interested in sports - always asking to shoot hoops with me or play tennis or whatever. Made you one of my favs. :)

  2. @Brian: Thanks! I saw the idea online, here:

    So many good topics and things I want my kids to know, even if it's boring, about me :)
    I wasn't sure about putting sports on there because I never played anything official, but you're right I did love me some basketball!! lol
    Thanks for teaching me and playing with me <3
    (btw my favorite picture of you is you with one leg on your basketball in the front yard teehee!)

  3. I couldn't help but have a big grin on my face when I was reading the car part. HAHA! That buick did have a great sounding horn. Good times.