Monday, November 2, 2009


Nate was a midget
Nettie was Barbie
Thor was a knight (Nate made the chainmail)
Erik was a sniper
Annika was a zombie bunny


Been a while eh!
Things we've been busy with:
Swine flu (everyone got it but Nettie :P)
Doctor bills, who doesn't love those, right?!
Scouts and YW callings
Halloween!! (Pictures forthcoming)
Nate's MBA program (whew, he's been busy with that! He won't like me bragging, but too bad... He got an A- (which for this teacher is amazing) and his professor personally called Nate to tell him how impressed he was with him and that he would willingly give him an excellent referral if he ever needed!)
The business- Trying to get more customers and get some more advertising out there. If you know of anyone who needs some cleaning, send 'em our way, and you'll get some free cleaning!!

Now that it's November, we'll be busy with:
Thanksgiving, yay!
Christmas shopping and planning
Tax season is soon upon us.. well, Nate.. we'll be pining for April soon!
Snow, ugh.