Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thor's choir concert

Thor is in the Lakeview Elementary school choir. He has been able to perform at the mall, Macey's, and will get to perform in a few other places and festivals this year. He is really enjoying it (even if he doesn't look like it in the pictures lol)

Christmas concert at the school. (On the bottom, 4th from the right.)

University Mall concert. (It's a little noisy, and shaky! He's on the left of the striped shirt kid)

Let it snow?

We've had SO MUCH snow lately! The kids are loving it... Nate and I, not so much. Nate has the commute to SLC every day, and in the snow/traffic, it's not been lovely. I'm just tired of it all around, driving, the cold, okay I'll quit whining now ;)

The kids helped me shovel the driveway today. Annika and Thor decided to stay out and continue "shoveling" the stairs and sidewalk. (Yes, that's a garden hoe Annika is using.. lol.)