Monday, April 27, 2009

Princess birthday!

Annika wanted to have a princess birthday party for her third birthday of course.

She had a princess castle cake:
All set to open presents!

Everytime she saw what was in a present, she'd say, "Oh my gosh!" so cute.

She had to model her new princess swimsuit (her two passions) and her favorite new ball from Daddy (She hasn't put it down since she opened it).

Make a wish!

Erik the rocker

Nate was teaching Erik somethings on his smaller electric guitar the other day, and Erik picked it up so fast, he was playing on his own in no time! He totally looked like a little rocker, he's a natural!

Sleepy girl

I was out shopping the other day, and Nate texted me that Annika fell asleep... She decided to lie down on these stools and her toybox, and fell asleep looking out the window. How silly! We woke her up shortly after, I don't know how she even slept like that!

Pinewood Derby 2009

Thor had his Pinewood Derby this past week, he tied for fourth place! He wanted a Thor's Hammer painted on it. They named his car "The Money Car", because we used coins for the weights lol. He did a great job!

The finish line!

Very late Easter post!

Easter 2009-

We colored eggs the traditional way, both Nate and I used to do this as kids and it's something we do every year with our kids, and I think it's their favorite part of Easter (besides the candy of course :P)
Nate's awesome egg!

We had a very nice Easter this year. We wanted to make sure the kids had fun, but remembered the true spirit of Easter, so we decided to have our egg hunt and stuff on Saturday, and keep Sunday for remembering Christ. The kids had a great time with both days!

Cobblestone Easter egg hunt 2009-
The kids were sooo excited to do the big neighborhood Easter egg hunt, even in the rain!