Friday, May 16, 2008

All's well..

Nettie had surgery on Tuesday (I had a hysterectomy).
I came home from the hospital yesterday afternoon and am doing okay. We decided to keep it on the down low, so please don't be upset if you hadn't heard about it until now, it was just kind of a tmi kinda thing.
I'm on pain drugs n all that fun stuff, but doing okay other than that. Everything went really well and Nate has been able to take the week off of work so that's been great and everything has been going smoothly. Sorry if this is rambling and I hope it makes sense, lil drug-loopy haha.

Everything else is going well around here. Nate is still enjoying his job. The boys are done with school at the end of May. Thor will be baptized in July sometime (when Nate's parents get back from Iraq/Azerbaijan), Erik is as silly as ever and Annika is as girly as ever!