Friday, March 21, 2008


So we've joined the bandwagon and started a blog! :P

Thor and Erik started soccer this week. They have both had one game and one practice, and one game coming up on Saturday. I never realized how chaotic this would be.. I didn't think it would be that busy with just two kids and noob soccer! Thor has a game every Tuesday and Saturday, with practice on Fridays. Erik has a game every Weds. and Saturday, with practice on Thursdays! So we have soccer every day except Monday (and Sunday of course).. whew! They are loving it though and very excited about it all, which makes it all worth it right? :)

Annika is having a great time just relaxing and having fun all day. She's really excited it's getting warm out, she loooves to play outside. She's talking a lot now, we hear new words from her every day! She'll be 2 next month, I can't believe how the time has flown!

Nate is really enjoying his new job at HEB, the CPA firm in SLC. He doesn't enjoy the commute as much, but when traffic/weather isn't bad it's not too horrible. He gets to do accounting/auditing, many days he'll go to other companies and audit their finances, etc. Right now he's working a ton of hours, but once "tax season" is over he will be able to work a lot less and we'll see him a lot more!

I'm trying to get adjusted to all these new schedules we've got, between Nate's and the kids. I can't imagine how people do this with more kids and more activities! I have great respect for you guys that do that lol.
The cleaning company is doing well, I think this must be a slow season though. We haven't had many new customers, but I'm hoping once Spring kicks in people will start coming around. With Nate's new job, I've had to quit doing most of the work and just manage it, which was the plan to begin with really. So I've hired a few more girls and have been able to delegate most of the work to them, that's been loverly!