Thursday, December 3, 2009

Party U.S.A.

I was mopping the floor today, and had moved all the chairs to one side of the kitchen. Annika decided to make this her stage and grabbed her "mic" and started singing and dancing.
The first song is an original Christmas song "When we're good, we get presents!", then a little Taylor Swift rendition, finishing off with some "Party (in the) U.S.A.". These are her favorite songs, every time they come on the radio she gets excited and starts dancing and singing.
She's constant entertainment, this one!

Blogger wouldn't let me upload the vid for some reason, so it's linked through my facebook... hopefully you can see it!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Nate was a midget
Nettie was Barbie
Thor was a knight (Nate made the chainmail)
Erik was a sniper
Annika was a zombie bunny


Been a while eh!
Things we've been busy with:
Swine flu (everyone got it but Nettie :P)
Doctor bills, who doesn't love those, right?!
Scouts and YW callings
Halloween!! (Pictures forthcoming)
Nate's MBA program (whew, he's been busy with that! He won't like me bragging, but too bad... He got an A- (which for this teacher is amazing) and his professor personally called Nate to tell him how impressed he was with him and that he would willingly give him an excellent referral if he ever needed!)
The business- Trying to get more customers and get some more advertising out there. If you know of anyone who needs some cleaning, send 'em our way, and you'll get some free cleaning!!

Now that it's November, we'll be busy with:
Thanksgiving, yay!
Christmas shopping and planning
Tax season is soon upon us.. well, Nate.. we'll be pining for April soon!
Snow, ugh.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The next American Idol!

Annika had pulled the piano bench out yesterday, to use as her "stage", and some nail polish as her mic, and started her performance! So I had to pull out the camera and record it.
The song is an Annika original.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trip pictures!

Yeah, it's been a while!
I'm hoping to do a full update of our trip to Germany and Italy, but for now, here are the pictures at least!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Princess birthday!

Annika wanted to have a princess birthday party for her third birthday of course.

She had a princess castle cake:
All set to open presents!

Everytime she saw what was in a present, she'd say, "Oh my gosh!" so cute.

She had to model her new princess swimsuit (her two passions) and her favorite new ball from Daddy (She hasn't put it down since she opened it).

Make a wish!

Erik the rocker

Nate was teaching Erik somethings on his smaller electric guitar the other day, and Erik picked it up so fast, he was playing on his own in no time! He totally looked like a little rocker, he's a natural!

Sleepy girl

I was out shopping the other day, and Nate texted me that Annika fell asleep... She decided to lie down on these stools and her toybox, and fell asleep looking out the window. How silly! We woke her up shortly after, I don't know how she even slept like that!

Pinewood Derby 2009

Thor had his Pinewood Derby this past week, he tied for fourth place! He wanted a Thor's Hammer painted on it. They named his car "The Money Car", because we used coins for the weights lol. He did a great job!

The finish line!

Very late Easter post!

Easter 2009-

We colored eggs the traditional way, both Nate and I used to do this as kids and it's something we do every year with our kids, and I think it's their favorite part of Easter (besides the candy of course :P)
Nate's awesome egg!

We had a very nice Easter this year. We wanted to make sure the kids had fun, but remembered the true spirit of Easter, so we decided to have our egg hunt and stuff on Saturday, and keep Sunday for remembering Christ. The kids had a great time with both days!

Cobblestone Easter egg hunt 2009-
The kids were sooo excited to do the big neighborhood Easter egg hunt, even in the rain!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Annika and Nate were laying on the floor in the living room together, and she was singing him songs. She said, "Dad, do you wanna hear my Daddy song?"
It went like this:
"I like to love my Daddy, I like to go to the temple with him some day."
Had to write it down somewhere so we'd remember that forever, so cute!

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Ten Virgins

I was asked to be in a presentation for the Relief Society this week. We did a play about the parable of the Ten Virgins. It was really neat, and great to be a part of. It was the first time I had ever done any "acting", and I think I got my fill for quite a long time.. haha!
Here is the link for the program, it's got some great music in it, as well as just a great story and dramatization for the parable.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thor's Birthday

Thor turned 9 on February 8th. I can't believe he's getting so old!
So he decided to have a soccer cake/party. The boys got all dressed up in their soccer outfits and Annika just so happened to want to dress up in her cheerleader costume!
So of course plenty of goofy (and some super cute!) pictures were taken ;)