Thursday, December 3, 2009

Party U.S.A.

I was mopping the floor today, and had moved all the chairs to one side of the kitchen. Annika decided to make this her stage and grabbed her "mic" and started singing and dancing.
The first song is an original Christmas song "When we're good, we get presents!", then a little Taylor Swift rendition, finishing off with some "Party (in the) U.S.A.". These are her favorite songs, every time they come on the radio she gets excited and starts dancing and singing.
She's constant entertainment, this one!

Blogger wouldn't let me upload the vid for some reason, so it's linked through my facebook... hopefully you can see it!


  1. LOVE IT!!! Encore!!! More please!!! I could listen all day to her. What's her microphone?

  2. lol Okay! She's using an old video camera tape for her microphone.