Thursday, November 1, 2012


Halloween was great this year!

Started the day off with Zumba, where of course we all dressed up and had a great time!

The kids had a school parade and then Nate's work had a big trick-or-treating party. Nate dressed up as a "little person" and won a prize! The kids probably got all the candy they needed this Halloween just at his work! But no, on to the REAL trick-or-treating!

Ninja Nate!
Pirate vs Ninja 
Thor as a ninja
Erik as a knight (wearing Nate's handcrafted chainmaille)
Annika and Nettie as pirate girls

Party time! We had lots of delicious food (most of it was already gone at this point, oops!)
Active Zombie Virus, Truth Serum and Spider Venom. Yuck!

We had a few rounds of Halloween Scattergories and some other silly games and had a great time!!

The good witch and the wicked witch
Follow the yellow brick road!

Erica Morgan and Emily


  1. Looks like fun - wish I was there!

  2. Looks like so much fun! And everyone looks awesome in their costumes! Fun times!

  3. Dang. We had better be able to come to your party next year.

  4. sorry we were lame, but looks like you guys had fun! love you!