Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday's 10: 10 reasons I love Halloween!

Let me start off by saying: I LOVE HALLOWEEN. It's always been one of my favorite holidays. Here are 10 reasons why!

10. Seeing all the cute little kids in their costumes and how excited THEY are about my favorite holiday!

9. All the fun treats you can make (you must know I love baking).

8. Seeing weird people all month and not knowing if they're wearing a costume or they're actually dressed that way ;)

7. Scary movies!

6. Haunted Houses. Although I haven't been to one in years... ahem, hint hint.

5. Dressing up in fun/silly/scary costumes.

4. Wearing crazy makeup you wouldn't dare in real life.

3. Doing other people's crazy makeup they wouldn't dare do on themselves (this might need to be moved to #1).

2. It's a great excuse for a party!

1. And number 1 was donated from my kids... CANDY!!! (Erik specified I must put it in all caps and 3 exclamations).

We're having our annual (we only call it that because people come over to hang out and it turns into a big party each year, so now it's official) Halloween party tomorrow night and I'm getting super excited finishing up some of the fun things we have to do! Nate decided on the theme this year: "Pirates vs Ninjas", so we'll have a contest to see who wins, plus best costume, and lots of fun and games. Now all I have to do is decorate and decide if I want to make my Dad's amazing sugar cookies or make some cute ghost cupcakes, hmmm.

What do you love or hate about Halloween?

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  1. As I have become an older fart I have become more of a Halloween hater, not sure why. But, my kids love it so I have had to find a happy medium. I should update my lamo blog on why I am a Halloween half-way. Lol